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Intel Fuels Wave Of Training To Stave Off Data Scientist Shortage

Focus on AI, Machine Learning application development yields base for next generation of data scientists The shortage of data scientists that was “becoming a serious constraint” according to a 2012 article in Harvard Business Review, never became a major crisis largely due to the explosive growth in data-science training during the time since. A rush […]

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Supercomputing Expected To Help Increase Life Expectancy By A Decade

Supercomputers will give rise to advances in personalized medicine, which will improve healthcare and potentially increase people’s life expectancy by five to ten years, says the head of an Ireland’s national high-performance computing center. Jean-Christophe Desplat, director of the Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC), made the prediction in a recent Irish Times article that […]

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Poker and Machine Learning – Putting AI Into Practice

Why should all the AI focus be strictly business? Here’s how machine learning can help with gaming – specifically poker players Playing games has been a topic in AI (Artificial Intelligence) right back to the very early days. In the 1960s Computer Scientist Donald Michie used matchboxes to create a learning machine called Menace that […]

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Artificial Intelligence Trounces Humans in Poker Tournament

Ability for program to bluff crucial in big AI tournament win An artificial intelligence (AI) computer program developed by Carnegie Mellon University has soundly defeated four of the world’s top poker players in a 20-day poker competition in Pittsburgh. The AI program, named Libratus, beat the professional poker players by a combined $1.7 million in […]

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New Deep Learning SDK from Intel: Open-Source Framework and Tools Boost AI

Deep Learning (DL) is the hottest thing in AI; now Intel offers tools to enable HPC and big-data users to reap the benefits DL offers. Intel has released a series of tools and frameworks designed to make it easier for organizations to expand their use of deep-learning techniques for everything from advanced analytics to voice-response […]

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AI Developer Days: View Proceedings from Paris, Munich Conferences

The demand for artificial intelligence (AI) has fueled an explosion in machine learning and Deep Learning functionality for a broad range of applications. To help meet that demand, Intel has held a series of AI Developer days around the world. Topics include Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, and how to get the most out of your hardware […]

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Models, Frameworks Accelerate Deep Learning for Enterprise Big Data

Deep Learning is the cutting edge of AI, but proven data and deployment models and available frameworks make it a solid practical choice for advanced analytics Deep learning techniques are advancing artificial-intelligence based analytics far enough that a team of researchers at MIT has succeeded in getting a computer to predict the future. In December, […]

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Machine Learning For Developers

Machine Learning and its cousin Deep Learning are becoming increasingly important in a data-driven world. The last couple of years has really seen Machine Learning (ML) take off in popularity and if you are a software developer you might be considering getting into it. After all it’s just another programming technique that you can add […]

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Intel Doubles Down on AI, Autonomous Vehicles, VR For Enterprise

Kaby Lake Core chip: source: Intel: New chips, new graphics, analytics and ways to interact will expand work, play and research with as dramatic an effect as the Industrial Revolution, CEO Krzanich says. Intel Corp. has reiterated its commitment to artificial intelligence, machine learning and a host of other high–performance datacenter technologies toward which CEO […]

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SC16: Intel Announces New Chips, HPC, and AI Technology

Intel announced several new high-performance computing (HPC) products mid-November at the Supercomputing 2016 (SC16) conference in Salt Lake City. According to Intel’s news release, here are some highlights of the announcements: • Broadwell processor. Intel introduced the Intel Xeon E5-2699A v4 processor, which is the chipmaker’s fastest two-socket processor. • Intel HPC Orchestrator. Intel has […]

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