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Using Numba to Accelerate Python Execution

Python is an excellent language but not being compiled makes it slower than compiled languages. There are various ways to speed it up, using cython, PyPy (a compiler) and Numba. It speeds up your Python applications by just-in-time compiling Python code using the LLVM compiler to produce optimized machine code that can targeted to run […]

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Visual Computing 2017: A Look At OpenCV

Simplifies image manipulation for a broad range of languages and platforms Ten years on from its first 1.0 release, OpenCV (Short for Open Computer Vision) is a C++ library that lets you create software with real-time computer vision. Originally developed in Russia for Intel, it’s fully open source and includes machine learning. It’s BSD licensed […]

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Creating Games with Intel Tools Part 3: Chasing the Player

How easy is it to develop a game with Intel tools? In the third installment of this four-part series, Slashdot Media Contributing Editor Rick Leinecker fine-tunes the A* paths, and demonstrates double buffering. Want to try it yourself? Rick’s project code can be downloaded from Sourceforge at this link.

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Game Design with Intel Tools Part 2: Parallelizing A* Algorithm

This blog is the second in a four-part series in which the Intel software development tools are used to develop a game. The first blog in the series uses Intel Performance Primitives (IPP) to perform image processing for the game’s splash screen. The first article can be found here. The source code for all articles […]

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Want Faster Code Faster? Check Out Parallel Studio XE?

Modern code needs to be both threaded and vectorized to get the most out of today’s multicore systems. The fastest way to get there is to take advantage of the libraries and tools that comprise Intel’s Parallel Studio XE (PSXE). This brief video demonstrates the benefits of PSXE while designing, building, verifying and tuning code […]

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Thread Synchronization and OpenMP: Mechanisms Ease Code Integrity

  Spawning multiple threads can pose numerous problems, including ensuring that sensitive sections of code can only be accessed by one thread at a time. This video shows how to use some of the OpenMP mechanisms such as critical, atomic, and barrier to keep things working correctly.

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Roofline Analysis in Intel Advisor 2017

What is Roofline Analysis? First proposed by UC Berkeley professors in 2009, Roofline is designed to analyze performance in multi-core and many core systems, and can uncover the bottlenecks that are impacting overall performance. In this video, Intel Software expert Alex Shinsel takes us for a spin with Advisor’s new function.  

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Meet The New Intel Storage Performance Snapshot Tool

Helping to Locate, Eliminate Performance Bottlenecks How will changing your storage configuration impact overall system performance? Check out a demo of Intel’s new performance tool with a live demo by Data Center Solutions Architect Ken Letourneau  

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Visual Studio Tips: Getting the most out of your Intel Systems

Choose the right settings and compiler to optimize your code for parallelization In this blog, Slashdot Media Contributing Editor Rick Leinecker demonstrates how to fine tune MS Visual Studio to ensure your code makes the most efficient use of the Intel processor designs. Visual Studio Tips Rick Leinecker, March 2016 I have been a fan […]

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