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Visual Computing 2017: A Look At OpenCV

Simplifies image manipulation for a broad range of languages and platforms Ten years on from its first 1.0 release, OpenCV (Short for Open Computer Vision) is a C++ library that lets you create software with real-time computer vision. Originally developed in Russia for Intel, it’s fully open source and includes machine learning. It’s BSD licensed […]

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An Alliance to Drive High-Quality Video Streaming

Content producers, service operators, and technology providers in the video creation and delivery ecosystem face steep challenges in their efforts to deliver a consistent “broadcast quality” experience for online video. People now watch video just about anywhere and on just about any connected device. And all users know that the experience of watching online video […]

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Tom Brady Super Bowl Ad Shows Off Immersive Sports Service

Intel 360 Replay gives fans control over distance and angle they use to watch the Big Game Viewers of this week’s Super Bowl LI will get more than a good view of Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady throwing and scrambling. They’ll get a look at his morning routine via a commercial from Intel Corp. showing off […]

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